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    Art, biking, hiking, music, science, traveling, writing.

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  1. Thanks, all of you. I have been lurking. Unable to really post much. Fear I suppose is a big issue. Anyway, Thank you all again for the kind welcome.
  2. Hello to everyone. I tried this once before... many months ago. I forget how many for time just passes me by. I couldn't make a dent, and I became a pointless lurker, so I gave up. I don't know really what I hope to accomplish on this second try, but I do hope to find some sort of support. Emotional support is very hard to come by, so I don't expect much. Though I did want to say hello.
  3. Hey, welcome rosebank. I'm a bit new too. Joined within the past week or so. It's a really nice, supportive site. Take care and welcome!
  4. Aibird


    Thank you, Lovesloss and Found! This is a wonderful place. I've learned that I need to be a bit careful and pay more attention to the trigger warnings. I'm not as far along in my healing as I thought I was. I want to be able to help other people with this, but to reach that point, I need to heal a bit more so I won't be triggered when I try to help others. I have a tendency to lurk a bit at first to try to get a handle for the site. Thank you all again for the welcome! I hope to see you around the board.
  5. Aibird


    Lynn: Thank you greatly for the offer to listen. I appreciate this greatly. corvidae: Thank you for the explanations! That helps me a lot.
  6. Aibird


    Aw, thanks all of you for the welcomes! I've been looking around, and am a bit confused by some of the abbreviations. For instance, I don't know what CSA means but it seems to be used a lot. Do you know where I can go to look up definitions for such things?
  7. Aibird


    Hey all, I am new here. Just recently discovered this place. I'm in my mid-twenties, and a survivor. I do a lot of writing - music, novels, and poetry - as well as a lot of biking and hiking. Helps keep me centered. I'm also currently finishing my bachelor's degree. Glad to meet all of you!
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