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  1. hi just me i am sorry 4 what you have gone through , it has been 20 years for me at first i didnt deal with it at all ,but eventually i had too yes you will have tough days , and you will have to face many unhappy thoughts , but what i have learnt through my journey of recovery is the more you face your past the easier it will get , dont let what happened ruin the rest of you life , if you do surely that is just giving the person that wronged you a power over you that you dont deserve , my hugs and support go to you , be brave , be strong
  2. hi i just found this site thought i'd give it ago was abused by my father and also by my sister i think the sister abuse has affected me far worse , dont have contact with my family because i spoke out ?! am self harmer but try not to do that .. had 2 abusive husbands i will SURVIVE even if it is just to P*** off my abusers carla
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