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  1. Thank you again! I've never even heard the term "grounding techniques." Any help or techniques at all would be awesome!
  2. I told my parents that I lost my job because of what happened, my dad said, "You always screw things up." Yes, you're right, I wanted to be sexually assaulted and lose my job and dignity at the same time. I called my mom after my Victim-Witness Advocate told me that the guy finally plead guilty, my mom's reaction? "Oh goodie" Like maybe I just told her that the ice cream man was giving out free popsicles. Went into my school's campus psychological services department, crying, and asked if I could speak to anyone at all. The cute little old lady behind the counter said, "I'm sorry honey, we c
  3. Hi flashback! I'm new as well so I can understand the newbie jitters. Share what you can, when you can. I've found, within a short amount of time, that we are amongst friends. Go with what feels right for you. Welcome AnnieSparxx
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome. It is nice to be among people who understand.
  5. Hi all I was watching a TV show the other night and had a flashback, it then dawned on me that I don't have to go thru my life like this. I've never joined a group like this before, hoped I would never have to. At any rate, here I am. Hoping to share, learn and grow with a great group of people. Thank you for the opportunity
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