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  1. welcome and sorry for your loss. i am sure you will find friends here who can relate. I am 63 and I also lost my wife several years ago. it isn't easy and my heart goes out to you. stay in touch and don't be afraid to express yourself. this is what we are here for. to support each other. thank you for joining and i look forward to more of your posts. rich
  2. Hello Everyone, I am Justanothersurvivor. I am on several web sites for people who have been sexually abused as a children A couple of my favorite sites are Malesurvivor.org and Dailystrength.org. Yes I am a survivor and in the course of my recovery I wrote a book about my abuse and recovery process. The book is titled Whole Again and is availible at Amazon. However, I did not write my story for financial gain. In fact anyone who has written a book about their abuse will know just how hard it is to profit from such a book. So yes it is for sale for those who want a hard copy. The intent of the book was two fold. First and formost to aid in my recovery and secondly to help others. To this end I have published my book in its entirty in this blog for everyone to read free of charge and to discuss or answer questions about my recovery or any part of the book. Your feed back is important to me for personal satisfaction and to improve the book. It is my hope you find my story an inspiration for yourself and I hope it helps you heal a bit or become aware of what child sexual abuse can do to a child. So please pass the word and make comments. Obviously, my work is copy writed and should not be copied for financial gain. So please enjoy my story if that is possible. It is not an easy read and is intense but honest. Did I recover. I sure as hell did. To see my life today as compared to what is was is nothing less than amazing. It is a miricle that is well within the reach of all survivors and is deserved for all. I put myself on the road to recovery and it was one hell of a trip. Please enjoy Whole Again and please pass the word. United we stand and divided we fall. We can make a difference one survivor at a time so spread the word. Whole Again JAS JUST ANOTHER SURVIVOR Whole Again JAS JUST ANOTHER SURVIVOR Copyright © 2012 (JAS) JUST ANOTHER SURVIVOR All rights reserved. ISBN: 481848860 ISBN-13: 978-1481848862 PREFACE Whole Again, is a book about my recovery from child sexual abuse. My screen name is Just Another Survivor) While there are some very good books about recovery for men who are in need of recovery, there are not nearly enough. Whole Again is one man’s story of transforming from victim to survivor and ultimately finding peace with my life. It takes the reader through the recovery process and much more. Whole Again is a story of determination, challenge and inspiration. I bring the reader into my world from the age of 8 to 18 and then through recovery starting in my early fifties. While not a “how to book”, of which there many, Whole Again is the real story seen through my eyes; of how I stepped out of denial and followed a path to recovery. It is neither clinical nor forensic in nature. It is raw truth. But it is a path that was well worth the trip. My wounds are healed and I have found peace. It is not a story for the light hearted but it is a truthful representation of what a child goes thru and how the abuse affects everything in a victim’s life until the wounds are healed. And in my case a life lived as a lie. Adult males have been the lost society of child abuse. We grew up in society with blinders on and a mentality of “Just get over it”, and no one knew our names. Whole Again demonstrates how flawed and damaging this mentality has been. Through intense research I discovered the real truth of what can happen to the brain and mind of a child who has experienced severe emotional trauma from sexual abuse. And yes there is very real physical damage done the brain. Whole Again is a book that was never intended to be a book. It evolved from my intense journaling used in the process of recovery. About a third the way thru my recovery (about one year) I realized I have many hundreds of pages in several journals. While Journaling proved invaluable, I decided it would be more advantageous to my recovery if I organized the material into a book format. Organizing my material in this way forced me to look at the whole picture instead of little snippets from my journals and thereby giving a more cohesive understanding of where I had been, how much I had accomplished and how far I needed to go. Even at this stage of recover Whole Again was never intended to become a book. It was simply a tool for my recovery. Therefore much of Whole Again is written during my recovery, which can at times make the transition from past experiences to the present day affects a little challenging to clearly write. During my recovery I was in a pure state of inspiration. It was this inspiration that ultimately lead to writing a formal book for publication. I have been asked many times, how long did it take to recover? It is a difficult question to answer but if I had to put a time on it I would say three years. It took that long to get through the bulk of the wounds. However, from day one I experienced steady and measurable progress. There are no magic wands or miracle pills; it is a commitment to oneself and a lot of painful but enlightening work. In reality recovery from emotional trauma is a lifelong process and state of mind I developed early on in my recovery. So there is no time limit and I suspect it is different for everyone. Writing this book was an extraordinary challenged and an amazing adventure that took about 2 years beyond my recovery to refine and publish.
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