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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to welcome you to AS, I too was very scared at first to post anything because of the shame and lack of trust I have for people. I now know and can assuere you no one on here is here to to hurt anyone in this group. We are all here to help each other heal and give the support that we need inside. I was abused as a child, when I finally said something I was betrayed by my boyfriend when he ran to my mother, she called me a liar to my face. So the lack of trust for people is well understood by this group. Please allow us to gain your trust even if it is slowly we will let
  2. Welcome to AS, I am so glad that you are apart of this group it has certainly helped me deal with my demons and to know that I am not alone!!
  3. Hi there, I want to welcome you, I am also new to the group by I think a week or less and have found this support group very helpful. So glad you are with us!
  4. Hi there Everyone, I am a 31 year old mom (2 kids, 2 Dogs and a Gold Fish). After 15 years of childhood abuse, 30 years of silence and being called a liar by my own mother, I am finally coming to terms with my past now starting to speak out. I started therapy in Jan of 2010 and now that my husbands company stopped getting their insurance my therapy is on hold so I needed to find another source of healing until I can go back to therapy. My husband suggested looking for a support group after finally telling him my story after 10 years of marriage. I am so happy that After Silence exists! Tha
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