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  1. Hey Lynn, Thanks for the welcome! Yay - another sunflower lovin' person! Thanks for letting me know I could contact you with questions or anything too. It is scary being here and I am trying to keep coming in and trying to NOT run away. I am tired of running from my past.
  2. Thanks everyone! I've not looked around the forum too much yet, but I did find the place to post art! :-) That is exciting!! :-D Thanks again for the warm welcome. I hope each of you are doing well on your journeys too!!
  3. Hey everyone. I am new here... I think!?!? I joined one of these places in the past and then posted maybe 3 times or so and then did as I usually do and felt all alone and went off to isolation again - leaving the group. I can't help but wonder if I am back again at the same place as before. In any case, if I am back to the same place then maybe it is meant to be and I should just stay and stop running from the past... and if it is the same place I am sorry for running away the first time. I will try to do better this time. Even if it isn't the same place that I once joined... it sure fee
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