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    Playing with my daughter, reading, studying, music, tattoos, writing, singing, drawing, working out.

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  1. Some of my info was just a little bit off or a little bit old but just enough to cause me great concern. Its was all too close to home.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere else around here but I think it's very important that we all know about this website. www.spokeo.com Type in your name, phone number, email address, your husbands name, your boyfriends name, etc...they have information on us. They know where we live, how much we make in a year, darn near everything. I searched and found my maiden name, my married name, 2 of my previous addresses, my ex-husbands address, phone numbers...all of it. This is horrible for us! Just when I thought I'd be able to sleep at night I discover this thanks to a friend of m
  3. Welcome! I just signed up today too. I hope you find everything you're looking for here.
  4. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the welcomes!
  5. Hello. My name is Heather. I'm 24 years old and finally coming to terms with the fact that I really do need help. After much aggravation from a friend of mine I'm here to try out this support business. I'm an extremely skeptical person and after being shunned and downcast and judged I'm hoping to find a place where I feel comfortable and can finally work through this burden that I've carried around for 16 years. No one has ever been here to help me until recently and I'm hoping that he's correct and talking about it to others will help me heal.
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