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  1. You could have stopped it if you really wanted to. You don't think I wanted to? Are you sure he hurt you? Um, no, I just imagined it all those times. Why would you let it go on if you didn't like it? I don't know, I must have been delusional. Just get over it already. Thanks, I didn't think of that.. It's obvious you have mental issues. It's obvious you're a jackass. And the worst: Well, you deserved it. Well, if that's the case then you deserve it too.
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind welcome. Means a lot to me
  3. Hello everyone. It has taken awhile and some courage to create a post here. I guess because it signifies the first step out of darkness and into healing, which I have never felt ready for. I have never reached out to anyone. But I think I am ready now. This seems like a very supportive community, I think I can feel safe here. Best wishes to everyone in their healing journey
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