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    an island off Australia
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    surfing, tribal drumming, meditation, sea-kayaking, interior design

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  1. Welcome to AS I have found much support, friendship and healing here at AS, and hope you do too
  2. Hi Janis, welcome to AS, it is a great place to hang out with fellow survivors - we understand, we care
  3. Welcome pingin !!!!! You will find much useful information and support here at AS!
  4. Hi starbright, welcome to AS! I am sure you will find exactly what you are looking for, here at AS, and meet lots of great people too! drummer
  5. See you got the hang of the emoticons, skycat! Welcome to AS!
  6. Hi stainedglass, welcome to AS ..... this is a great place, I am so grateful it is available for us, and that the people here are so caring and compassionate ... and hey, they can be really fun sometimes too
  7. Hi Jen, and welcome to AS! I agree, everyone is supportive and compassionate, and this really melted my heart, and continues to do so.... drummer
  8. Hi shlacm! I have found this site helpful in many ways I was not expecting .... and I feel safe and heard, and I listen to and hear others.... and I have met some beautiful people and made friends here too! hope you get some joy from AS too
  9. Hi Kait, glad you found your way here to AS :)
  10. Hi Kadie, welcome to AS!
  11. glad you found your way here
  12. Hi and welcome to AS! I hope you find the support and friendship here that I have found I care drummer
  13. Welcome to AS, KG! AD (angeldrummer:) )
  14. Hi Smurfy welcome to AS - glad you found your way here
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