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  1. Sleepysheep I agree with Muddylotus, If you feel you need to do something, report it, it will be good for you. I typed up a 5 pg document with as much information as I could remember (I suffered black outs during the rape) and reported it to the police. A good friend came with me and ensured that the police were women. They were supportive and also honest about the process. I haven't taken the next step yet, I still need to get dates and more detail but I felt a huge sense of relief, like a weight had been lifted. Right now I'm working through the trauma, and trying to survive. I still need to submit a formal statement, which requires me to go through the whole experience again, just not ready right now to go into that kind of detail about it yet. Things have been going a bit off the rails with my young daughter, the strain is beginning to affect her. But it still plays on my mind everyday whether I should take it a step further sooner or not. It's hard enough getting myself better, but it does bug me that he is free and I'm the one who is suffering with my daughter. The perpetrator was someone I worked for, he followed me to the toilet after getting me drunk. and then tried to do it again at a later date but didn't succeed. I know I need to take it easy on myself, but I get really frustrated. At times I feel I have a good chance taking it to court and then I'm changing my mind. The chances of getting justice is anyone's guess. Still undecided. x
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