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  1. OH OH!!! ME TOO!!!!!!!! But don't want to take away from hopeprays' "Thanks" since she actually was thoughtful enough to even think of doing this!!!! What a LOVELY gesture!
  2. Welcome. Isn't it effectively 11 times before you can get into chat? I think I've seen that somewhere, that your status doesn't actually switch until you've posted your 11th post. I don't know for sure, but figured it was worth mentioning.
  3. Pretty sure not... unless you could convince a Mod to do it.
  4. Go to the post and click on the "edit" button.... I think it's near the bottom of the post.
  5. Wow this thread is... amazing... in a bad way of course! Before I tell mine, I must confess the time I was the cruel and insensitive one!!! I was 16, still in major denial about my csa: it wasn't a big deal, didn't effect me, it wasn't that bad blah, blah... and my boyfriend confided in me that he had been molested as a child. There was a man who tried to reach down his pants. He was so traumatized by it that he had to have therapy for months. His mother posted signs all over their small town telling what the man had done. The man drank himself to death within a year. (I must say, WAY TO
  6. Thank you. I haven't decided yet if this place will be helpful or harmful. It's not a "trigger" issue, it's just, I don't know...
  7. So, hi! I joined a month or two ago but didn't actually look around until this week. I figured saying "hi" was probably appropriate.
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