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  1. As far as reporting goes - any suggestions for preperation and then the actual POLICE visit?? Thanks for suggesting writing it all out - I too was drugged and had black outs....I haven't been able to do all that writing yet... Can I take a friend? Can I have a FEMALE officer (or is it whoever?).... And, does anyone have ANY other suggestions?? I don't feel strong enough just yet, but soon....I hope....I feel so STUCK until I at least get it reported....I think....geez, I dunno...I am so worried he is going to move away or even stay and HURT someone else..... He is on probation so I am pret
  2. If you feel strong enough, I say go for it so that you have DONE SOMETHING. Just don't be too attached to what happens AFTER you report it. Then, it is out of your hands....
  3. Teac - I think you should call those legal helper RAIIN (i think it is called) people. NO means NO. Last week, last year, whenever. I feel you should talk to some legal support folks (victim services types?) too and see what they think. If you are strong enough to go through the statements and whatever else - I say go for it. AT leats you will have TRIED. I am at a similar point. For all I know I can be victimized again by the Police and see him get off scott free. (well not really, we all account for our actions at ONE point...!) But I am TRYING to get help, therapy and get myself to the po
  4. Hi, Ya, it was an ex-bf who I hadn't seen or been with in years (known him for 20!) who decided to ask me over for coffee and a lstening ear ONLY, who then drugged and then raped me 2 weeks ago....so, I guess that is a known-person assault type of thing... And I hear you on confusion. I am also new here and trying to find my way around....find ANYONE who may know how I am feeling/not feeling/or whatever this all is!!! I want to know when the shaking will stop.... ;-) From what I have read seems like a very nice group of people here though. :-) And so I am grateful for that. I am trying to
  5. Hi....ya I am new here too...just trying to get used to my "new reality" which is sooo out of control....still shaking from an assault 2 weeks ago - and confused as heck. I agreed to take anti-anxiety meds, but am totally afriad of others, as I think they will just block the reality of what is - and of my healing from this HELL. I already had PTSD, so this is a major deal - I can't believe this is happening AGAIN.... Does anyone know of a good treatment centre for a few weeks of intensive help that might "shake" the worst of this???? Thanks!!!!!!!! Muddylotus (and still lost in the mud)
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