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  1. teac8883


    Hiiiiiiiiii Hope you find this site useful. Personally I love it. My friends and family tend to brush 'it' under the carpet and I feel very alone. Its amazing how talking to people who have been through similar experiences can make you feel a lot more normal
  2. That's brilliant! However my abuser was my 'friend' and I was drunk and in his flat. It only happened once and it was 8 years ago. I just think they'll throw it out straight away....
  3. yeah dont know whether to though, especially after what people said on here. Theres not really much evidence
  4. Sorry I had to post, I know this was up ages ago but Im really interested in what decision you made??? It sounded exactly like my situation and I was worried about my own self doubt letting down my story with the police. I emailed them to ask about the procedure as i wasnt sure which police station to go to - it didnt happen here. They replied asking me to phone them and said this was a serious matter and 'we want to stop him doing it to others'. Guilt trip! Ive been to scared to make that call....
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