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  1. I dono, seems fair to me. Empathy for others and all that, but I think it's okay for us to focus on ourselves sometimes; I think we often need to learn to. After all, you are the only one feeling what you are feeling, so to you, it really is the worst possible.
  2. I'm sorry you're so disheartened. I understand about silent split-seconds being so dangerous. I used to always feel that way. I slip back into it sometimes, but can usually manage to pull myself out in a few days or so. Here's some things that helped me cope with the silence-- I always keep a word, or phrase in my head. I tap it out with my toes or fingers. When ever there is a silent moment, it ends up being taken up mostly with the word I'm tapping out. Any word, my brain usually chooses it's own, I just make sure it's not a negative word. If I still can't pull out of the silent moments,
  3. I've just started here. It has already been helpful looking through posts. There are so many of us! Amazing to me how with so many of us hurting, this is still such an ignored problem (I'm referring to abuse). I always feel better when I find something I can "do about it" so I'm hoping to start a local branch of a charity that crochets/knits scarves for fellow survivors. I'm hoping to find more ways I can take action. Healing action. Any suggestions are welcome; and thanks to everyone who has posted. I feel less broken when I'm connected to so many other people through a group like this.
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