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  1. I've pretty much giggled all day, and not thought about things that are going on around me.....
  2. I stopped rushing around for awhile, to give my body a break.
  3. I am so sorry lil star, I was so hard on you yesterday. I don't hate you I get a little confused sometimes about who my anger is really aimed at. I'm sorry I can't say the L word yet but just know i'm here x
  4. Im not liking my inner child that much today IM SORRY I DON'T MEAN TO HATE YOU
  5. I think my inner child has finally been heard and listen to. I am so sorry lil star for blaming you and trying my hardest to block you out.
  6. star85


    Thanks everyone for welcoming me, it means alot :-) x
  7. star85


    Hi everyone, i'm star and i'm 25. If am honest I can't quite believe i'm on here. Maybe this is the start of getting my life back. I'll look forward to chatting with you, Star x
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