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  1. Hi Stephen. I'm new here, too, and understand where you're coming from. This is a hard burden to carry alone.
  2. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the warm welcome Jed, I just got back from therapy session, I never realized just how much it can help. It's been a long road, but we're really starting to make some headway and dig through this stuff. Been going for about two years now, and it still amazes me just how much we as humans can survive and still function.
  3. Hi everyone, I am glad to have found a place like this. It helps to see that I am not the only one going through this chaotic process. At times this whole thing seems overwhelming, it is hard to know where to start the healing journey, so it is good to know there is a community here. I'm also in counseling, which is helping. Thanks for having me in your forum!
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