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    There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

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  1. I just read your story. I just want to extend my sympathies and say that you are very strong. But I understand that the strength you showed enduring that was out of necessity. It never should have happened to you and I am proud of you for sharing it no matter how painful it is. It's ok to not be strong all the time. 

  2. **************TW*************** Language Burn in hell you M*therf*ckers
  3. ********************TW******************* Langauge You are my f*cking father.
  4. Hey there BethsSister, welcome. :hig: if ok. This is an awesome community . Wishing you plenty of support and healing, Your friend Liz
  5. Elisabeth


    Hey comet, welcome to AS. if ok. I completely get you with money not being your first wish. And about you feeling miserable, I can tell you one thing my T (therapist) told me during my first session ever: "When you really start dealing with your stuff, it'll be like rekindling a fire beneath a pressure-cooker. At first you'll feel worse - and there will be other times, too, when you'll feel really bad - but those are actually signs of things getting better, because you'll be releasing childhood emotions. The more you release of the old emotions the more you'll be able to enjoy life in the p
  6. Oh phew! Im so, so glad you decided to stay! Im not at all sick of you, quite the contrary! Honestly I can't see how anyone would tire of you. By the way, thanks for the talk in chat the other day. Was good to get to know you, hun. Look forward to talking to you again! Your friend Liz
  7. Welcome and yes you have found a remarkable place for healing. The AS community has provided me with priceless friendship, support, help and love. Glad to have ya. tgc (take gentle care) Liz
  8. Hello and welcome to AS. The greatest gift you can ever give to your kids, husband and most of all yourself, is to heal. Joining us proves you're doing just that. Good on ya! tgc (take gentle care) Liz
  9. Welcome DirtyAngel. AS is a community of fantastic people who have helped me beyond my wildest hopes. Pull up a chair, make yourself at home. tgc (take gentle care) Liz
  10. Could someone send it to me too, please?
  11. Hello, lyraleigh, I'm new too, and so glad I came here. Things that seem to have been petrified for an age in me are finally in motion now. I feel liberated. I hope the same for you.
  12. Hi all, Wow, I'm so nervous I feel like throwing up. Anyway, I'm middleaged and I live in Finland. I have talked about my issues with a handful of people (3 of them being therapists) - but no one really knows my whole story. Maybe I can learn to really share it here with you guys. Thanks for creating a site like this. It means a lot to people like me. Liz
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