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  1. I have this to. I did not have birth day in profile and notice sudden it is there so I add in any way because I do not have choice any more. Is there way remove this?
  2. I do not think so. I am see inactive account before and can still see all of post.
  3. Most time spam is person or program that is only paste link and information use for making money. It is like when you are walking in street person try give you flyer for stupid thing or convince you buy thing that is stupid and not work and have no reason buying. Spam is doing this on internet. Many time it is program that is made doing this with no person control it. This why when join many web site and forum there is code need put in. Because most time spam program can not read it. Way AS is before administrator need approve every new person personal. I do not know if is still this w
  4. It sound that they do not have this turn on to use. Very recent AS web site have big trouble and crash. This board is new so it is not all settle yet.
  5. It seem there is not way for report thread any more? I am see this one http://www.after-silence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=96130&hl= and this http://www.after-silence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=96128&hl= that is spam.
  6. Samii

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    Hello and welcome Rainey-san~
  7. Hello Donna-san. It took me long time joining and starting posting any thing to. Think it is that way for many person.
  8. It is sad that person like that get transplant when other person die because they can not get one. I am sorry. I do not have much other thing to say. Just wish you did not have this difficult time in life.
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