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  1. Hello Kasha-san~ It is fine being here. English is not first language for me and I am not good with talking but person here are very nice and try hard for understanding me! For me spell check here help lot. If I am upset and feel I am not talk in way person will understand I give self few minute reading own post before sending. I think you will be OK here!

  2. I am use chrome and PC but never have trouble get in man section. But man section is not need pass word. It is open to person in M. Member group. So is not same. Female forum is code as private forum need pass word. Male forum is code as close group forum need M. Member group tag.

  3. If I am notice person posting as man or woman and profile say different I send them PM say if they are make mistake they can ask moderator for fix. But is strange situation. Some time person do not notice at all. And some time I worry I am wrong and do not want person feel insult~ But part that is start be confusing is many person do not feel body gender and mind gender is same thing. That is fine. But experience as body in rape is very different. I am not comfortable have person in man section that have woman body. It is my feeling when I am join that man and woman section are because rape is very different with different body. Now there is transgender part forum but seem one person can choose two place going and reading no matter what body experience they have.

    I know most person here do not feel same with me and maybe is not in same topic~ Is only thing always in mind for me when these thing happen.

  4. Ah I think I am see problem you have. With other post you are make it seem you are man. But when you make account you accident say you are woman. You will need send messege for moderator changing this for you. I will report you profile with hope they will notice more fast and help you~

  5. Many men are made to feel like their suffering can't compare to the suffering that women go through as survivors - and this is one of the unique issues that male survivors often face.

    I know this very much. It is reason I can not accept these type thing person say. Most my life I feel this way. That experience I have is not important because I am man. I am weak for not forgetting. It is important we do not accept these thought. If they are in self or other person. If it is possible I can help one man from feel this way I am happy.

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