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  1. So sorry. I was raped by a male acquaintance when I was 12. Repressed the memory myself until 5 months ago and here I am-a mess pretty much. I am sorry that a male pedifile and rapist was able to receive a kidney transplant but that is a whole other political/moral mess. I am glad you are here so you can get the support you need and deserve. Take care and look forward to seeing you in chat. Jen
  2. Hi scribbles, sad you belong here but glad you are if that makes sense. My best friend in the whole world is a male sexual survivor as well and I find that men do not have nearly the amount of support and resources as women (and women do not have enough as it is) so I am glad you are here. If you ever need to talk please PM me. Take care! Jen
  3. The first step is seeing that you need help. I suppressed/repressed for 16 years. I am 28. I hope you find the support you need on here. Jen
  4. Littlestar, So sorry you. My rape was a one time thing, I cannot imagine seeing my rapist again let alone having to go through it more than once. I am so sorry. Wishing you hugs and strength. Hope you can find some happiness and peace in the midst of all of this tragedy! jedboom (aka Jen)
  5. glad you joined I just did too. Have my second therapy session tomorrow. I hope you find the help and peace you need.
  6. Thank you. My doctor has put me on Xanax for just a bit to get me through the next week or so. I actually have a 2 & 3 year old. They are 12 months apart. Is yours agirl or boy?
  7. I think I originally skipped this section and went straight to share your story. Having a very hard time right now and trying to get it back together. I was raped 16 years ago and suppressed all these years. Talked to a therapist (finally and long story). It all came out. She called it flooding. It was as if it had happened yesterday! I have been having flashbacks and panic attacks. I have a 2 & 3 year old which makes life hard. My story is posted in the share your story section. Right now I am reaching out and trying to find all the support I can get and possibly forge some frien
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