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  1. Hi Adele, Welcome to AS. Everyone is really friendly and supportive on here so i hope you feel welcome and settle in soon. This site is a massive help for me and i hope you find what you need from it OTJ x
  2. Thanks for the welcome Po! The only ones i have kind of guessed are a bit less light hearted to the ones you posted! Dunno if that constitutes a trigger warning (TW!) or not but here goes: si = self injury csa = childhood sexual abuse (i think) ed = eating disorder su = suicide t = therapist (i also think!) Thats all i can think of at the minute but i will add some more as i find them out! OTJ x
  3. Hi everyone, I haven't been a member very long and although i can work some of the abbreviations out i am struggling to know what some of them mean and dont want to cause offence if i use them in the wrong way! Does anyone know of a page on here that someone has listed them on or whether one can be made?! Or maybe even some of you can write them on here so i know for future reference?! I also just want to say thanks for everyone's warm welcome and caring attitudes, it has made me feel very cared about and safe when i am here It is great to be somewhere where people understand! OTJ x
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