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  1. Welcome to the future and welcome to this site...i have found it life changing (literally) and hope you do too
  2. Welcome!!! I joined a week or so ago and feel a world of a difference...I hope you do to!
  3. Welcome sweetie...i joined last week and already feel like it has a changed my life for the better thanks to all the wonderful people here....lots of luck luv...xoxoxo
  4. Shalom, I find that when people tell me to "talk" about it when I've dazed out, the reason I can't is because I have NO clue where I have been (physically or mentally). It's like a black whole in time. Do you feel this too?
  5. Hi Mackenzie!!! Welcome...i've been on for a few days and everyone here is absolutely lovely and so welcoming...you really feel the love...I have found this site to be extremely helpful to me. I used to run to other "social" sites hoping it will help but since I found AS i find myself running to this site more than any other sites. On another note, since I'm new here also, is there a way for me to track all my posts to see peoples replies? Not topics i've started but just reply posts?
  6. Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes. I am still figuring this site out but so far I really love it here. It feels like my world (if that makes any sense).?.? I love Shalom too. I come from Israeli/Jewish heritage so you could understand why ;-)
  7. You need to learn how to trust all over again. So until you acheive that, you don't feel safe...anywhere.
  8. I've been where you are. Numb. Can't feel a thing but things get better. I also still daze out. I could be staring point blank at something but not actually see it. I'm somewhere else, not here. Where? I don't know...i black out.
  9. I've been on a few times today. I have been doing what Sarka did at first. I'm browsing around and reading all different kinds of posts and finding that I can relate to majority of them too. I couldn't find my voice before and/or wasn't ready...i do know that i was VERY confused. It's been 5 years since I divorced my ex husband (who was my abuser) and for the first time I feel good talking about it. Initially I thought because I said it out loud and because I was in therapy that I had "taken care" of the issue. I didn't even see the destructive effect it had on me and reading all the dif
  10. I'm also new and very nervous. I guess we should just look around. I have a good feeling that this site will be helpful to us. It's been a very long road for me and I'm ready to face and understand this.
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