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  1. Grow up, admit and apologize What the first poster said is very powerful, but I am not there. I want my brother to burn in HELL. If he would change or admit what he did nad that it does change a person's.
  2. Hi, I am new to sharing online. I do not share much about my past to very many people. I have been in therapy a number of times. This time I have made more gains than others. This is two years of consitent therapy. I am a survivor of incest. My older brother by two years sexually abused me. I am also a survivor or rape. My father was an alholic and my mom is very verbally abusing. (I think she is bi-polar). I am looking for stuff. I guess people that understand. I am actually doing very well. I am a mother and wife. My son is a teenage which brings a whole new issue. His age is a little bit of
  3. my husband who knows everything has asked me more than onece "Who was your first" You dumby my brother, he doesn't think sometimes. I set boundaries for when my child was born about my brother and my mother said" I just wish this could all go away, if this child died it would" It would not go away, it will never go away.
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