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    I'm a walking contradiction. I'm shy, but outgoing. Confident, but insecure. You get the picture.

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  1. Hi there. you are brave and strong for coming to this site. It took me a long time to even post things....but i eventually got used to it. you'll find comfort here and build friendships...its well worth it and thereputic at times to know you are not alone! -perfectlyflawed
  2. I think the people who are sexist are just really scared and have never been treated well by the opposite sex... but by the same coin, they may not be giving the opposite sex a fair chance to treat them well. It is a very difficult area of abuse, but I think we agree that it is a symptom of fear, mistrust, and PTSD. It's not a positive view to take into the world and it's preventing healing for them and others here. Well said! This is me. I never have been treatd well by the opposite sex, I think my sexism just come out as anger and hypervigilance too.
  3. Welcome to AS! I hope we can guide you in your journey to healing!
  4. i've been wanting to join a support group, but never could gather up the courage to join one until now. And i am finally here. my abuser finally quit harassing me.. but he just got back from basic training. so i am scared. i have been through alot of ups and downs. perhaps, when i get more comfortable, i will share my story with whom i feel comfortable with.
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