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  1. Hello, all. My name is Dayna. I was first sexually assaulted just over 2 years ago, in September 2003. About 4 weeks ago or so, I finally came to terms with that assault. It took me a while to admit that I had very strong anger issues towards the guy and that I needed to work through them. I still had "issues" but I was making great progress. One week and one day ago, I was raped by an up and coming police officer in a nearby community. I don't want to post the details right now. I will say I've told 6 people. Two teachers that I work with (I'm a teacher), and three of my closest friends. That's it. I didn't report it to the police, and I won't. I can't. I did that with the assault, and it went no where. I was called a liar and everything else. Anyway, more later. My friend wrote about me in his journal and someone recommended this site. Thanks!
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