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  1. Did You Regret Reporting It? Where You Glad?

    I'm considering reporting mine, er the most recent attack. He has a record.. not a stranger with the authorities. I never thought I'd be around anyone like that. Eh. I have no evidence to support my claim. Not sure if it'll get anywhere, but I need closure.
  2. Hello Everyone

    Hi there. My name is Nicole, 28... recovering from everything. Due to financial reasons I haven't sought therapy so I've been dealing with it the best I can. I have a great, loving boyfriend who would do anything for me but even he doesn't fully grasp the magnitude of what took place. I discovered this site just last night and I'm ever so grateful. I had no idea this type of thing was around. Despite all the hardships, I've learned to move on, at my own pace. I learned to love my old interests/activities again as well as add more to the list. I'm more of an outdoors-y person now. A year ago I couldn't say that. I'm starting to laugh and smile more. I have a positive outlook - most of the time. I'm looking forward to chat/talk with anyone/everyone. Have a great day.