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  1. if shed ever get out i suppose she could...at least just recently ive been able to talk to her but only after puting her in the closet rather than the garage...she still has never responded...lol i feel so phsycotic...i never look her in the eye...why do i feel like such a faliure when it comes to her?
  2. no worries here kezzie...we all need slack n give slack cya round
  3. Does she always have to be so difficult? Lil girl where are you? I’m calling out your name Rachy? Rachy? Rachy? Make a sound for me please So I know where you are ****Phew**** There you are Come out of that closet now He’s gone We’ve grown up, you missed it I’m sorry your childhood is totally over Let me get this pile of heavy clothes off you You were always so smart for hiding here ****smile**** Don’t look at me so scared We’re big girls now Get up and lets go Come with me to our life Its ok no ones here now They’ve left all left This house is empty Abandoned of the past No mother no father and no brother Its empty I promise I do I don’t know how you got stuck here for so long I’m here to rescue you GET UP AND COME ON NOW!!! You aren’t glued to that damn floor You’re really frustrating me now Oh what??? Now your going cry? That’s great just great I’m counting to 5 Then I’m closing you back in this closet 1 HURRY UP 2 I WILL LEAVE YOU KNOW THIS 3 WHATEVER YOU ALWAYS WERE STUBBORN 4 YOU’RE ASKING FOR IT 5 FINE BYE ****slams closet door*** ***hears whimpering and walks away***
  4. that was such an accident i didnt realise it was posting so many times
  5. shes still trapped...i wish shed come to me so we can relive moments in time like kelli clarkson in that video
  6. i searched the world over to find a picture...my parents seem to have lost most of them...i have an exact image of me in my head...i feel like its the exact moment when my world was abruptly stolen...when i have dreams or visions or flashbacks i always seem to see myself in this exact moment even though my abuse took place over a period of years...what makes me sad is that i know its the exact moment when i left a lil girl behind to deal with everything on her own...she was lonely-petrefied-sad...and when i left her ANGRY...but i did it...i left her right there to fend for herself...it feels like shes stuck there and i dont know how to rescue her...but i know this...im on some sort of path now thats leading me back to her...im going to get her out of there and WE ARE GOING TO LIVE... i wrote the following poem a couple months ago...my emotions were quite high as i wrote and i posted it here the same day...i have since then made a few changes and posted it else where...im adding the pic that is now my avitar just incase i decide to change my avitar...this is the little girl in my poem...its her...always her WHY To the little girl inside of me Why do you see me so The angry look inside your eyes Chills me to my bone Your stare paralyses me I cant speak or move I wish that I could rescue you Cant you tell me what to do I try and try to talk to you But your harsh looks choke my words Can you see I’m scared of, you as you are scared of me Its been so many years now This progress is so slow Should we stay or should we go Right now I just don’t know Will you make a pact with me In death we still wont part If we leave this world together, can we mend our heart I know your angry, for that I’m sorry I didn’t know what I should do There are no excuses Forgive me if you would Just talk to me say something please I cant take this, its not good Your words will hurt far more then your silence ever has you’ve stored them now for many years And never shed any tears How many words do you have for me How have they festered there I’m scared to death of what you’ll say Though I wont blame you a bit If you would rather I just leave and die Id understand that’s it I’m out of here if you wont talk I don’t need this sh*t Ill die I swear and leave you here To live in pain once more I wont come back don’t look for me So stay here I don’t care Please do something f*cking react Stop your stupid staring It gets us no where One day ill step back in this room And rescue you I promise But when I do please look away don’t stop me with your stare For I don’t know if ill ever have the courage to come back here MiserOnlyWhispers
  7. yes she is always me exactly...in fact i have such a real picture of her in my head its not even a picture...its like reality...it feels exactly like it did back then only its today and im seeing myself...looking breathing frightened sad then she silently stares at me and she so so angry...shes never once talked to me and i cant talk to her...but when her glassy hazel eyes look my way they look so clear and empty i can see her soul and its filled with hellish anger
  8. if she is me and i was her then why do we seem so different yet exactly the same? i feel like i know her but then again i musnt know her at all when i was 3 or 4 i learned to disappear...i feel like i left her there...shes stuck on the day that i left her(every clear picture in my head between the ages of 3 and 7 im sitting on a dirty dryer or standing in front of it in a very disgusting garage...and one when i was standing in front of a tree but i think that might be because ive seen a picture of that)...i had to though i was too weak to get out...she hates me for that...cant she understand...it feels like i left and she had to deal with everything..but being we are the same person im dealing with it all too AM I FLIPPING F*ING CRAZY???????
  9. hi there...i hope you find strength and courage here too
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