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    Kentucky but my heart is in Boston...
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    Wanting to be free again, to be the person I was to be, to be strong, to laugh like I use to, to go back and visit the ocean, to read and maybe have the courage to go back to school. Music and craft are fun thing to do...

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  1. Hello and welcome, glad you are hear, I have been taking it slow on this site. I have read a lot of good advice and take it in bit and pieces. Be gentle with you,
  2. Welcome Fay! Glad you found AS, one day you will call yourself a survivor but in time, I am still learning and dealing, sending you a safe hug and welcome again.
  3. Welcome to AS, I am still new but am so glad you found us, welcome and be gentle with you as you nagavate throught all this. Safe hugs...
  4. Just want to say welcome, I am still kind of new and do not write a lot but all the reading I have done and the wriitng I do, the response have been very heapful. welcome and safe hugs.
  5. Thanks so much, the chart was a good referance point, it helps to have something right in front of me. Thank you for your service.
  6. I just want to say welcome, I am new to this all, I have not shared my story, just take your time and do a lot of reading, the short time I have been here people have been great. i get that we all been throught so much, it is nice to know we now have a place to be safe, find new friend and be understood. Welcome...
  7. I just want to say welcome, I am new also and so far the people are great and supportive.
  8. Welcome I am new also and in just the past couple of day people have been great, glad you are hear, just keep looking or make a new topic for you. I am still looking for the right place but lots of support. Much Peace in your search...
  9. elinay, thank you for the picture it is beautiful I love mountain and the ocean. Neither are where I currently live. I also that you for the mantra - I need to be reminded of this daily even hourly
  10. I think for now I am doing ok, I will figure out the code and how to add thing, thank you for the support
  11. Hello, I am so happy to have found this site, I am new to this so I am hoping you all can help me out, have been going throught a lot, and not seeming to find support from friends. This has giving me so much hope, I have been reading a lot fo the threads. Thanks you all who have share before me. I so look forward to getting to know some of you, and gaining form you experience, strength and hope.
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