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    I used to be a dancer before I turned a more tedious corner - and decided to go to University instead.<br />I study Philosophy and Law at Newcastle; which I enjoy with much over-enthused gusto. <br />I met some incredible people whilst dabbling in performing arts, and even managed to perform at some amazing theatres. But after dancing for 10 years - I soon realised it was a tuff industry. I also found the idea of making a fluffy career through Philosophy or Law too appealing. <br /><br />So now I wonder about Newcastle a lot instead; doing various activities. Namely going to weird underground comedy and music clubs, selling my dodgy caricature paintings and aspiring to improve my piano skills. The rest of the time you will find me climbing some impossible mountain or deliberating the chocolate bourbon over the less favourable rich tea with my scary but passionate roommates whilst Inuit throat singing. <br />(The bourbon inevitably wins. But in all my vacuous indecision…I eat both instead).<br />Next season I'm taking study-leave to work as a Chalet host in the French Alps for 6 months. I'm currently viewing it as an exciting rent-free adventure - at least until the clean pants run out.

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  1. Lovely to meet you all Apologies for not replying sooner, my computer had a fortuitous brain fart - he's on his last legs bless 'im! @jane_doe Thank you kindly @glassprincess - Absolute gem! Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly ole bean - No-one can quite quell my impressively bad sense of humour, it was developed by watching too much Mr Bean and not enough Sleeping Beauty as a wee yin I believe... I sincerely wish you all the best my power trooper. Lovely to meet you. You know where I am when in need of some lightwinded witty banter @nursemandi - Thank you lovie x @lynn - Hey Lynn!
  2. I feel your pain brother No sleep sucks! How did you know I love birds! I'm very pleased with your gift, I shall display it with much enthused gusto Nicky.
  3. Wonderful to meet you kspouse! nicky.
  4. Thank you everyone! T'is lovely to meet you all my fellow Rastafarian Tea Biscuits < I made that one up myself @ Wishy - Ha ha, have one of mine, I 'ave an infinit supply! Thank you @Found - Thank you lovely, Ima inching my way around gradually - I feel like a virtual Ninga right now. (In a more of a amical-kindred kind of way of course ha ha.) @ Ann123 - Lovely to meet you and thank you @yelloebus1 - Oh wait.... That's me! Terrible, terrible username. I shall think of another when I'm running on more than a measily 2 hours of shut-eye fuel. Hope to bump into you all soon For n
  5. Wow - I've been reading some of the threads on here, and I can't tell you how assuring it is to know that I'm not on my own! Some people actually know how I am feeling. Made me feel all fuzzy inside...no wait...I need a wee. I am just another insignificant dot mixed in an infinite amount of other insignificant dots. Hence, just like all you other dots, would greatly relish in the comfort on making my mark on the world ‘negligible’ as opposed to ‘nil’. Lets, as you will, imagine that I (a happy clappy "all is well" 19 year old, all too jolly to thrive and discuss new found revelations and i
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