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  1. Hello my name is Sarah and I am a recent survivor. It has been about a month and this is basically my first small attempt at opening up about my experience and trying to heal. This being an online and anonymous forum I feel comfortable but my intent is to use this as a baby step to find the strength and courage to open up to my husband and answer the questions he has, since he wants to know everything that I went through, as well as let him into my feelings to understand how badly and deeply I have been affected by all of this. I also plan to seek out therapy soon to protect my inner self from
  2. Hello it is nice to see a spouse of a survivor in here. That shows a lot of support for your wife being in here and I give you the best of luck and prayers that you both continue to stand by each other and love each other and overcome as a partnership. Can I ask you for some insight from your point of view? I am a survivor and joining this forum is the first step in my journey towards healing. I hope that by speaking and opening up in an anonymous, online group will help me find the courage to speak outloud about my experience with somebody who can further help (such as a therapist) and open
  3. Wow! You seem like such an interesting person! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as I find your insight amusing to read as well as helpful. You give an uplift to this solemn issue that brings us all together in this forum. And I too am insomniac....well mre so on and off. Some nights I find the darkness brings flashbacks and grim thoughts to my uneasy mind and although he tries with such a loving and passonate heart, my husband does not alwas have the strength to keep his eyes open all night with me and other times I cannot find the words or strength to let him see how badly I have been affe
  4. Hello my name is Sarah and I am a new member as well. I commend you for having the strength and courage to seek out help. I know how hard it can be because I am strugling with that right now. It has been a month since my "nightmare" has passed and I have not found the couage to seek out help and still cannot find the way to open up to my husband about the whole thing even though I can see his pain as well and I know he really needs answers to his questions as well. Since I have not been able to have much hope myself in seeking outsidehelp I know I am not the best source to give advice, except
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