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  1. You can never remove all traces of anythign online. But the mods can delete your account. That's about all they can do though.
  2. To those who knew me, hello again. And to those who don't, my name's Kendra. I was on here for quite some time and then I thought I was handling things okay, I felt like I was doing better when I was on my own. And for a while, I did. But now I'm not to sure.... I'm starting to remember more and more now which (though good) kinda sucks and is making it really hard to deal with stuff. I'll post more in the other sections, but I figured I should reintroduce myself.
  3. Hello Karen. I'm glad you found your way to AS. it's a wonderful community and super helpful. If you need anything or just want to talk, don't hesitate to Private Message me at any time. )O( <3Kendra
  4. Hi there. Write, write, write. Nothing you could possibly say would be a waste of space. Everything you say and feel is 10000% valid and important. Hoping to get to know you. <3Kendra
  5. Hi there and welcome! Suggestions for where are pretty much what I'd suggest. I just thought I'd drop in and say hi. If you ever wanna talk, just message me. <3Kendra
  6. Hi! I'm semi newish (by a few days)and thought I'd just say hi to another new person. I think you'll find this forum a really nice (and safe) place. I know I do. hugs if it's okay with you. <3 Kendra
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome. I kinda needed that....
  8. So.... I'm Kendra. Last year I was in a seriously abusive relationship that lasted over a year. I stayed with him because he had me convinced no one else would ever love me. It ended last June when he forced me against the wall before school and raped me. Since then, he's been harassing me and my close friend who helped me get out. I'll explain more if people ask, but..... I'm still kinda.... yeah.... Anyway, I'm basically here because I'm in a new relationship with a guy who actually treats me well (heaven forbid), and I just want to make sure that my past relationship doesn't end up rui
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