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  1. From one newbie to another-Welcome I haven't quite figured out what it is that I want from this site either, but just knowing there is somewhere I can go and people who understand has been comforting for me. Hope you find that to be the case for you. Take care of you. Aware
  2. Hi Eagle, It's funny sometimes how we think we are just doing fine and then someone points and wags their finger at you and says "YOU NEED HELP". I know I was kind of surprised but after a little thinking I realized she was right. I have had some difficulty working up the nerve to call the therapist though. It has been 13 years for me and I feel strange and scared about reconnecting to this now. If it's ok with you could you tell me how it went when you first started therapy? I've been reading quite a few posts here and most of what I see is people who have started therapy much sooner than I
  3. Thanks for welcoming me I hope to join in and be bigger with the talking soon. The picture of the flowers was beautiful Elinay!
  4. Hi everyone. I am new to this site but have found it to be very helpful recently. Not ready to talk much, but am getting quite a bit out of reading the posts. The amount of understanding and support you have for one another is uplifting. I am a survivor of 13yrs now and am just recently trying to deal with issues that I thought were long passed. It has come to my attention--or been quite loudly--brought to my attention--recently by my partner who loves me and cares deeply for me that I am quite the jackass sometimes and during a few screaming matches with each other it has surfaced that perhap
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