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  1. After three years, for me it goes in spurts. I live a town over now and that helps, I couldn't stop thinking about it at all until I moved. Now I'll go a few weeks where I think of nothing else, especially this time of year, but it gets better.
  2. EmmaRose


    My name is Emma and I am a 21 year old university student. I am here because of an ex boyfriend. It has been two years. I am studying political science, and I had intended to go to law school but I've decided to put law off until I have had whatever children I am going to have and they are old enough to be in school. I am getting married in two years. My fiance is studying medical sciences. He wants to work in a lab. I love to volunteer. I work for the Learning Disabled Association of America, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Humane Society, and some of my own initiatives for people with learning disabilities and autism. I am thinking about doing Habitat for Humanity or Red Cross, or both. I really want to take the Red Cross pet first aid certification, too. My dog died last year but I still have a horse and CANNOT wait to get dogs when I move in with my fiance. Dalmatians and pit bulls are my favorite, but I also love golden retrievers. I found out in February that I have high functioning autism. It shouldn't change how you think of me-- I am "normal" enough that it took 20 years for anybody to realize anything was different about me, and I would never have been diagnosed had I not noticed something was amiss myself. You can immediately disregard the stereotypes, they do not generally apply to those of us higher on the spectrum. I just mention it because it is really complicating my recovery, which I will discuss in more detail later. Autism is an integral part of my life as a survivor, but it's not like I am mentally handicapped or in any way intellectually or emotionally stunted. So please don't treat me like I am weird. :\
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