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  1. I think we all seek out triggers at some point. We do it, like you said, by looking through old photos, jogging someone else's memory, etc. I used to drink or get high to try to jog my memory. Anything to try to make the past make sense and to shed light on it. The more I uncovered, however, the more distressed I became. I find, as someone else said, I go through phases where I kind of obsess over it, then times when I don't think about it at all. I think when we obsess, we are just trying to make sense of things, or get other people to understand us. We all want to be understood. We want to feel that others have gone through similar things and are able to empathize with us. Maybe they can give us answers to why it happened to us. It does get easier. Every day is gets just a little easier. Age helps.
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