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  1. What I did for me: after finding a scene in a fictional story triggering, I told my friend I didn't want to help her edit that scene. And she was totally OK with that. I still kind of feel bad about what I read but I feel good for finding a way to take care of myself that didn't let down my friend.
  2. maybe a Physical Health subforum in the health section? I have physical health issues that I sometimes feel like beeetching about. Right now my astma is bothering me a lot. Don't need advice, just want to vent. Would talk to the people here in real life, but... talking involves breathing. Anyway, it would be good to have a physical health venting and advice area.
  3. but it doesn't tell you whether anyone replied. the "number of replies" is the number of replies to the thread, not whether there are new replies after you last posted.
  4. What a sweet story! I'm so glad dragon brought you here!
  5. glittercat


    I'm glad to be here. I am many, many years post-therapy, but I have found that one is never really finished growing psychologically, so it's good to have a place to talk with like-minded others, and I like to help other people too.
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