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  1. Hi I'm not really new seeing as I joined in 2005, but I've barely posted here since then. I tend to read a little and feel I relate to people too much which scares me and I run away for a few months and avoid coming back. But recently in therapy it seems harder and harder to ignore these things. I was abused throughout my childhood, and I hate so much to write that. The memories seem like they come and go in cycles, and the past few weeks they've been worse again. I've struggled with anorexia, self-harm and OCD in the past and overdosed a couple of months ago for the second time even t
  2. rain


    Thanks so much for the replies, things are beginning to make a little more sense to me... The vague, detached feeling which I get I'm sure is dissociation I am still aware of everything I do, even if I don't always seem in complete control (as if someone else is running my body, and I'm just observing), Whereas the blanking out, or shutting down and losing time, then the headaches, or complete inability to read, concentrate or remember things, That certainly isn't the same thing. Thanks
  3. rain


    Hi, I've been hovering for a while without posting anything... I've recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, & I was hoping for some advice on how to tell the difference between a mild seizure (ie: just blanking out for several minutes) & dissociation? I hope to become more involved here
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