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  1. Long post, I apologize. SleepySheep- "However, i still feel a lot of guilt about what happened and like it was partially my fault so it's difficult for me to consider reporting. i don't want to ruin his life... but it also doesn't seem right that i have to deal with this everyday and he just gets to live his life like nothing happened." You've hit the nail on the head here for me. The abuser that I want to report (a church youth group leader) is a nurse and has two kids (his daughter is my age then). I don't want to ruin his life, but I don't want other people to go through what I did. I have no evidence (it happened five years ago or so) so he would not be convicted of anything. He should be punished I suppose, but not necessarily with the loss of his career and family. Ideally, I'd like for a report to be on file, so that if anyone else were to report it it would be backed up somewhat-- but would that even be possible (there is no statute of limitations in my state) without solid "evidence" or without a ton of drama? Also, none of my family members know, so is there a way I could do it without their knowledge (I'm 19, but home for the summer)? Sorry this ended up being so long, I guess I have a lot of questions myself.