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  1. Hello and welcome Dreamernreality! I checked out your art on deviant. I'm on there as well. I love it :D
  2. Hi whimsical1 , thank you for the welcome. Its so good to find an incredible place like this. :D Hi Cathy (fightergirl). I Love your screen name. I will definitely let you know if I need any help. Thank you. I have therapy tomorrow and I cant wait to share with him about finding this site. My dad contacted me once but then he wrote my sis and the other stuff about how it was my mom's fault, or that I seduced him through regular email because my sister demanded him to finally stop bragging that he knew the truth, that he wanted to say his truth. So out of anger, she said go ahead. I didnt kno
  3. Thank you all for such a sweet and kind welcome!!! :flowers:
  4. Wanted to add that Im looking forward to helping others as well and learning to open up more about it. :D
  5. Greetings! I cannot tell you how delighted I am to find this site. I stumbled across it while I was trying to find images and books about Lotus Flowers. I am a survivor of childhood incest at the hands of my father (I was 9 years old) . I am currently in therapy at 36 years old. I was before on and off but I never really addressed the abuse. It wasn't until last year, my world was turned upside down and I seeked therapy finally. I am a Nichiren Buddhist and I run a popular blog (dued to the enormous outpouring of love and support of other Buddhist members and friends). I read what the Lotus F
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