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  1. To my inner child, it's ok, you're allowed to grieve. I'm sorry iv shut you out for so long, I'm sorry iv tried to ignore you. We both hurt, it can't be escaped and we should heal together not separately. I'm afraid too, you're not useless, pathetic or shameful for feeling this way. He may still be out There but so many people do love us...we are protected. we did all we could. You can be brave. I know trusting the new guy is hard, I know you want to, and I know it hurts that you can't, I believe it will come in time. You can be strong. Just next time I acknowledge you... Please don't greet
  2. took the words out of my mouth. Hope you're ok.
  3. missT


    hi, Its actually a relief to see im not the only nervous one on here... terrified but already its not so lonely.
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