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  1. it’s recently been the 12 year mark since I joined here and I’ve never felt so alone. this is not what it used to be… i used to feel like i belonged somewhere for once in my life . now i just feel like some kind of freak around here. maybe you have to be some sort of specific “survivor/ victim” person. i guess I’m not that. this will prob be deleted anyways so who cares 

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    2. snmls


      I'm sorry that you are feeling alone. I'm sure a lot has changed in 12 years, but you are always welcome here at AS. All of us have a unique story and there is not just one way to be. Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. 

    3. Pink Sky

      Pink Sky

      Sending safe hugs if ok @marcyabadeer I'm sorry you've been feeling so alone. We do care, and no one here is a freak, especially not you. You've offered kind words to me when I've needed them and I'll be forever grateful for that. Hoping you're doing ok, you do belong here 💛

    4. WannaMoveOn


      If this place has changed in a way you find for the worse, I think you as a veteran are one of our most valuable resources to turn that back. You know this site so well, given how active you've been through the years. You can give advice and share how AS was a decade ago. 

      You're not a freak. We need different kinds of survivors to get a spectrum of diversity here. I however respect your experience and really hope things will get better soon. ☀️

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