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    Art, herbal medicine, medical stuff in general, Great Danes, finding new friends, trees, gardening, Tsalagi traditions.

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  1. Hello everyone, I am sorry that we all have a bond in such a traumatic, sad way, but I am glad this place exists. I know I am free here, I'm not alone here, and this is a safe place. I am a survivor of multiple assaults over the 21 years of my life. I think I have a more complicated journey than some people because of that; I also think that in recovery, I have become an incredibly strong woman. I hope that this place will bring me comfort, allow me to comfort others, and help me learn more about my journey. My name is Serpent Soul. My great-great-grandmother named me just recently. I am of Tsalagi (Cherokee) descent. I have found a lot of peace in the spiritual ideas offered from my heritage. I've found that connecting with Mother Earth is a great way for me to remember to stay grounded and embrace feminine power within. I am artist. I express everything on paper, or in sculpture. I am also a nurse in training. I want to care for others in the way they've cared for me during my recovery from many of life's blows. It is great to meet you. Blessed be.
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