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  1. Hi Bryan Welcome to AS. Like you, my husband and I reached the decision together to start getting help. I spent a lot of time on this forum, starting seeing a counsellor and began reading books about the subject; the books helped me get my head around it all. A good book for your wife might be 'Right to Innocence' by Beverley Engel or 'The Courage to Heal' by Bass and Davies. She also does one for prosurvivors (you) which I think is called 'Living with the legacy of abuse'. It was the first book my husband bought; I read it too and it helped me understand myself so much better. All the bes
  2. Hiya Welcome to AS. You can be assured of privacy and safety here - we're all careful about what we say and the mods watch everything carefully to ensure no breaches occur. Look forward to see you around. Eagle
  3. Welcome to AS Mercy, I'm sure that you will find the support and the comfort that you are seeking on this site, I know it has been a huge help to me in the last few months. Big congrats on getting clean - that is one of the biggest things a person can do, and as you know, often only God can go something like that - don't let this awful experience rob you of any more of your life by dragging you back down again. Stay strong and look to Him. None of us here know why bad things have happened to us but we are all here with one purpose - to process it, to get better, and to claim our lives back.
  4. Welcome to AS I have been a member for a few months now and find it invaluable. I am sure you will too. The members here are all kind and caring people who are great listeners and great with advice too. I hope you find your way around easily. Eagle
  5. Welcome! You sound just like me with my relationship - we reached a 'you need help' point a few months ago with my jackass behaviour and since then I have started therapy and we are both reading books on the subject as well as being part of this site. Well done for wanting to do it for yourself and your partner. It does help to have that extra motivator. All the best in your therapy and journey to freedom Eagle
  6. Great idea - I was anally raped a few years ago and it was completely traumatic but he didn't use his penis and for ages I couldn't categorise it as rape until the Oxford Dictionary pointed out that rape also counts with any 'foreign object' . Forum needed!
  7. Hello one and all I'm new to this surviving board and wanted to introduce myself. I'm starting counselling in a couple of weeks, am reading a book by Beverly Engel on surviving, and have joined this board - so I'm all set to face up to what really happened....which I'm not sure of yet, apart from it happened and it's affected my entire life leading me into all sorts of other abusive relationships and patterns. I look forward to getting rid of my Victim badge and replacing it with a 'F*** You, I made it through!' badge! Thanks for reading,
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