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  1. I'm not sure where you're from, but where I live, just because the police are aware of what happened does not mean you have to talk to them. I know hospitals have to call the police in the acse of a rape, and the police always show up, but it is your RIGHT to not talk to them. But, it probably was a good idea to get tested for STD's..just as a precaution. You have no reason to be embarassed..what happened was not your fault. Take care of you.
  2. Glad you're back...and glad you had a great experience with your friend. Gotta love those! ;)
  3. I bet it took a lot of courage to leave him. First, I want to say I'm sorry for what happened to you, nobody deserves that. What a great way to give back to the community..helping women in your profession!! Kudos to you! That alone is rewarding and probably boosts your self confidence as well. I'm glad you've found a supportive man in your life for yourself and your daughter. And! A guilty verdict is something every person hopes for..and you got it! Gosh, that has to feel good too. You have a lot to feel good about in your life, embrace it!
  4. Welcome, and I'm glad you found AS.
  5. I love how you put this.... Be well on your journey.
  6. You are very welcome. It really does feel better to talk about it..I think anyway. It will take some time, but you will work through it.
  7. I highly doubt you will offend anyone here. This is a wonderful place to get comfort and support. I'm sorry you had to go through everything. I think it's especially harder when you know a parent knew what was going on and did nothing. I know that firsthand. Glad you're here.
  8. Heidi, Welcome to AS! I just recently started coming back to the forums..and it really is a great place for support. Classical pianist..and a classical ballerina... very nice!!
  9. Welcome, Cat. You can say anything you want here..and will not be blamed..and know that you will be believed. This is a great place for suppport.
  10. I used to travel through NJ when I lived in Staten Island..driving home to PA. I don't know what exit 114 is tho... Glad you're here.
  11. I don't miss the clutter, violence or noise, Capulet, but I miss the diversity and culture. I don't get any of that in Pittston, PA.
  12. Thanks Todlyn... I know I got that email about not visiting for a while when I started my volunteer training at the R*pe Crisis Center was an omen of some sort...so I figured I better come back.
  13. Just because someone "found religion" does NOT make any type of abuse acceptable. In my opinion, nobody *has* to forgive anyone for anything...ever.
  14. Capulet, I used to live in Staten Island for 6 years and loved it there!! I loved the culture and diversity, but I believe PA is a nicer place to raise children. I moved back to PA 2 years ago to go back to school. I go to Misericordia Univeristy..sophomore in the social work program. I miss the city..but I think it's nicer for kids in PA. Where do you live? Stephanie quote name='Capulet' date='Sep 26 2007, 02:50 PM' post='262191'] Hi Stephanie, I'm not from PA, but I'm also not FAR from PA. I live in New York City. I do have to agree with determined1, though, and advise you to be c
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