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  1. Ive found myself doing this as well. I put myself in the places where I felt most vulnerable. For me it is about power....control. When I was being abused, I was trapped, not able to leave at my own will. I go to the places that used to terrify to prove to myself that I am strong...but inside I AM STILL THE SCARIED CHILD....wanting to run. Does confronting the places make me stronger?? Some days I wonder.
  2. NEW AVITAR......"same "moon".......luv ALL.......happy NEW BEER!!!!!!!!
  3. My lil me always wants hugs......and a lil patch of sun......or curled up on the bed mext to mom and dad reading a "good book".....but that is for another day.....like when I hit the road in the semi.....beginning this coming weekend when I hit the open road of the semi with hubby.....leaving "my Panther" all alone" in the lil house that we have......just take "gentle care" of "my big kitty."
  4. Chat is a great outlet for me. You will see me there alot. The main rule is that if you come in and you are needing to talk.......by all means ask we want to listen.....if you feel like you have something you want to add to the current conversation just jump in.......dont be shy.......if you do not feel comfortable just watch and listen.......there is no pressure.......we want it to be comfortable for you.......one thing to keep in mind would be if there is a serious conversation already started when you enter the room allow it to finish so that way everyone is able to have equal help with their problems. See you in chat. Moonstream
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    see you in chat
  6. Hope I was your last thought. You pathetic piece of sh*t! You stole my entire childhood. I hope you rote in hell. You both deserved to die. How could you just watch. I was your niece I trusted (you). You always said you loved (me). I will never be fully complete. I just want to be held. Why do you still haunt? Please, please leave me alone. Will I ever feel peace?????
  7. I am new here as well. We have 4 cats (I do believe that classifies me as a cat lover). Just wanted to say hi.
  8. I was sexually abused by both my aunt and uncle (along with my sister and my cousin) when I was 9. My aunt passed after a short battle with lung cancer 2 years ago and about 5 years ago my uncle committed suicide in their garage. The other day I was garage saleing on that side of town and I saw that the new owner was having a sale. It took me several min to get out of the car and make my way to the house and garage where my abuse took place but i went, I was shaking like a leaf but I went. The lady mentioned that she had done remodeling inside of the house. I figured that it should be different enough so I asked for a tour. It was Not different enough. The bathroom where we were forced to shower together when I was just a child was still there along with the curtains in the living room that were always closed. I thought I was ready, but I really wasn't. The flashbacks are now worse than ever. My man is very supportive but this is not something that he can understand. I just need someone to share my story and help me finish my last steps towards total healing (if there is such a thing).
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