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  1. Hello I've never been super good at intros, so I guess I'll just give a little info about myself. I just turned 21, I live in Oklahoma but I am from Ohio. I am an artist at heart, I am trying to sell paintings (succeeding occasionally), I'd like to do it full time but it doesn't ever really seem realistic, heh. I love love love love cats, have 3 of them, and they are my life besides my boyfriend, who is amazing. I am somewhat liberal, very shy, an atheist, "indoorsy," I like anime and Japanese things, movies (musicals, comedies, drama.. not too into chick flicks), and did I mention cats? Hehe. To be completely honest I am not sure how long I'll be around, or at least how often. I kind of go through phases of wanting to talk about all of this, followed by phases of never mentioning it to anyone at all. So hopefully we can maybe learn from each other for a bit, or I at least have somewhere "private" to rant when I need to talk. Thanks.
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