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    I am 19 yrs old=] my son is 2 and we r doin great!<br />i love hanging with my friends...txting....doing whatever i can ! <br />I was sexually abused by my step dad from 3rd to 9th grade...finally got free bcuz my friend told the school...it has been almost 5 yrs n it has gotten easier to talk about but the flash baks n dream havnt! Wish they wud tho

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  1. Facebook.

    i dont kno if u can but i be telling my friends about it when i talk about what happened like if i write about it in class and i let them read it i tell them bout this website : ) i kno one of my friends saw it and nothing happened to her but she thinks its really nice !!
  2. Did You Regret Reporting It? Where You Glad?

    i regret but i dont regret! it has hurt my brothers alot but i have a little neice and if i wouldnt have reported it would he have done it to her? me and my brothers arent as close as we use to be well really we barely talk we only talk because of my son..but thats fine with me because im no longer being hurt and i kno my neice and other young family members are safe! it really is a hard decision to make but its better to try and possibly save someone else from getting hurt then not try at all and just let it go on and show him its ok to do what he's doing/did!