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    I enjoy just hanging out with my friends playing video games, D&D, and other geekish games^.^<br />I also have been practicing Tai Chi now for three years, and am loving it and finally beginning to understand what my sifu means when he talks about our energy

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  1. I'm having the same problem, i go to click on a link and it says i don't have access, so i go to log in but it doesn't let me.
  2. Up until last night I didn’t have anything to contribute, but after a conversation with my boyfriend this is what I have: “You need to get over this” He quickly recounted this statement by saying he didn’t mean it like that, but it still hurt “Why don’t you concentrate on all the good things in your life, instead of the only 2 bad things that have happen to you” I could’t seem to get him to understand that I have no want to concentrate on the bad things in life, I would love for them to just leave my head “I don’t like this self loathing, hating, depressed “Ghost”, its doing me no good, and you no good.” Well thank you, because I am so in love with being like this, and sorry if I am being an inconvenience to you “I think you should stop going on AS and Facebook, all you ever do now a days is be depressed, and waste a lot of time on your computer” Well sorry if I havent been feeling the best, but just so you know I’m not wasting my time on the computer, I have classes that give homework believe it or not and that means I spend a lot of time typing up and reaseaching on my computer. And I havent been coming to AS reguraly for a while now(because I have been so busy with school), so just because I get this one idea in my head that you don’t like that I posted on AS you think the site is no good. Forget that he has never liked this site Sorry this was a bit of a rant
  3. Well I have been looking over this site all evening and I have so much that I wish to say and ask that I'm not sure where to start. Each time I try to start a topic I become nervous and quit. So I thought I should start by introducing myself. I'm Ghostlovescore, I'm 22 years old and Female, my name comes from my favorite song by the band Nightwish. I found this site by fluke while looking up information, and couldn't have been more happy to find it, though getting this far has actually proven to be harder then I expected, but I believe that it will help and be worth it in the end. So all in all hello everyone!
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