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    I love to draw and paint and listen to music and spend time with my 3 kids.

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Hello. I'm new here too. We have many things in common. I love being a mom too and I have never spoke about what happened to me either. Nice to meet you.
  2. Hello...i'm New Here

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I have read many of the post on this board and other boards. I'm not alone and that feels so good. My heart feels so big today!
  3. Hello...i'm New Here

    This is my second "first" post. My first one disappeared. So if you responded to my first post I'm sorry I didn't see it. Hopefully you will reply again. I am 41 years old and have 3 kids. My daughter is 18 and going to go away to college this fall. I have two boys 12 and 14. I have been married for 20 years to the man I have dated since 10th grade. I live about 8 minutes from my parents who are still married and I have 3 brother who are 42, 43 and 44 years old. I have two awesome dogs who never leave my side. I am on disibility so I don't work. I coach the high school dance team. My kids do lots of sports but I don't socialize with the parents very much. I love to paint and draw. I put on a good front most of the time. I think people see me as a snobby woman. I'd rather them see me as that, than know I am really afraid of everything. I have been in therapy for 20 years but never found the right person to tell my story to. I have hope for myself. I just have unanswered questions I suppose.