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    I like a lot of things, would probably give most things a go or at least thing about it! <br />My hobbies include reading, watching tv, swimming, going for long walks and the theatre.

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  1. I survived it too and have made a lot of progress in managing to somehow heal from it so if you ever want to ask me anything, talk about anything or just vent feel free to contact me. Wishing you all the best and lots of support and comfort Edwina
  2. I can relate to what you are saying, most of the people that I have told about what happened to me have said that they really didn't suspect that anything happened to me. I hope that this site helps you to overcome your issues.
  3. Hi and welcome Take everything as slowly as you need too and only do things at your own pace but know that you will not be judged on here and hopefully you will feel supported and cared for.
  4. Hi and welcome, don't know if you have found this out yet but if you click on a users name it comes up with a list of opinions and you can choose to send them a message.
  5. Hi, i hope you find what you need here, you wn't be judged or shunned here. Welcome and take care
  6. Hi, I'm a survivor just like you. If you ever need to talk just let me know Take care Edwina
  7. Hi and welcome Hope you find what you need here Take care Edwina
  8. Hi It is a really good site, I joined a few months ago and it has helped a lot. Everyone is really nice. Hope to talk to you at some point. Edwina
  9. Hi and welcome I can tell you that things do get easier but I think like you know already it does take time. Am here if you ever want to talk Edwina Ps I love your name, I hope it sums up you attitude to all of this
  10. edwina


    Hi everybody This is my first time doing anything like this, I have been dealing quite successfully with my abuse over the last few years but every now and again I need some extra support and I am sure that you all will help me, look forward to getting to know you all edwina
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