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  1. Cried all day long and all night... letting go of the past. Ill feel good in the morning.
  2. Dear me, We need to talk, we should have had this convo years ago but i guess it's better late then never. I know you feel hopeless and worthless but you were made to feel that way its not the truth. The truth is you dont realise how strong and amazing you are to have overcome such a horrific experiance at such a young age. I know you feel like you have acheived nothing in you life but with your inner strength, maturity and level headedness you pulled your self through a difficault time although there is still a long way to go. That is the biggest acheivement so be proud of yourself! I would like to talk the young girl inside for a moment who is still inside because she hasnt fully developed mentally to grow out of you. I want to give her the hug she never had and tell her.. Listen to me when I say you are not at fault.. you didnt contribute in anyway, you are not to blame. You didn't allow it to happen.. you were just paralysed by the shock. Dont think nobody would have cared or believed you.. you just hid it so well. You don't have to hide the hurt from me I know you feel pain and it's okay to cry. You can talk to me I care for you.. your not alone anymore. I know you walk with your head down in shame but your not the shamefull one he is to blame. Its time to reprogram and fully comprehend the truth.. you are the innocent little girl that was violated in a sexual way. who learnt to accept but not condone it in anyway.. but was mature enough to accept it happens and trys to deal with it in your own way. You just need to find your self worth again.. he made you this way but now its Time To Break The Chain! Yours Trully, Yourself
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